Hi, I am Shawn

A Mixing Engineer from Asia

Welcome my friend. I’m Shawn. I am a Rock and Metal and Hip-Hop music producer based in Taiwan. My dream is producing, mixing music with artists from worldwide.

I have been a musician for over 10 years, and an audio engineer for 7 years. Due to my profession in music and creativity,  I have clients from all over the world, like France, UK, China, Taiwan, Philippine, South Korea, Japan and China. Therefore, I have confidence to help artists deliver the best possible sound.

In my career, I mainly produce and mix rock and metal music. However, I am not limited myself to one genre. (You can see the trail tracks on the right for reference) With knowledge and taste of music genres, I am willing to mix or master any music genre.

My mixing work helps bands attract more audience, enter music festival, and have bigger stage. Now, you have the chance to be like them.

I’d love to hear about your project. Click the ‘Contact‘ button below to get in touch

大音希聲 (CN)赤潮 (Modern Rock)
Xmoraz (TW)孤老 (Metalcore)
Vitame P (TW)To November (R&B, Pop)
HISFY (KR)Find Me (Pop Rock)
Find The Intersection (TW)Fake (Post-Hardcore)
麻花捲怪獸 (TW)山林 (Metalcore)
忒修斯 (TW)孤島燈塔 (Acoustic/ Rock)
Maudji (FR)Architect (Hip Hop)
Zoeln (CN)Ray (Classical)
漏網之魚樂隊 (CN)XXX (J-Punk)
麻花捲怪獸 (TW)最後一首歌 (Metalcore)
Elsol (JP)Oxgen and Ivory (Metalcore)
HSIANG (TW)The world inside of you (Metalcore)
急診室樂團 (TW)Our Generation (Pop Punk)
HyperSlash 超級斬 (CN)Pop Pop Cola (Electric Punk)
趙雲飛 (CN)羅克維爾 (Alternative)
Elsol (JP)The Glacier
大音希聲 (CN)時代機器 (Metalcore)
灰色信號 (TW)雨 (Rock)
麻花捲怪獸 (TW)We Are Awake (Metalcore)
HSIANG (TW)A New Beginning (Rock)
Monsters Dive (KR)Truama (Metalcore)
C.Kimbej (CN)My Boyfriend (Pop)
大音希聲 (CN)信鴿 (Goth Rock)
麻花捲怪獸 (TW))告別式 (Choir)
Sun Day Night (TW)Alone (Electric Rock)
Jack Hammer (PH)Gen Turibio (Thrash Metal)
福川組 (TW)20X20 (J-Punk)
絕麓樂隊 OVE (CN)Another Apocalypse (Power Metalcore)
RKRZ (KR)Mosquito (Hardcore)
哲煜科技 (TW)會寫程式的男生真的很帥 (Rock)
Purple Whale (CN)Metaphor (Polyphia)
黑鳶 (TW)墮落世代 (Alternative)
非現實預告 (CN)Last Daydream (Post-Hardcore)

What I Do?

Mixing + Mastering

Send your beautiful Stems (Multitacks) to me, and get back a solid and powerful mix. It can all be done online.

You can get 3 free revisions and a audio file to Stream and another for CD.

Mastering is included.

You can also add-on “Editing” service.
(I provide vocal tuning and aligning, instrument tempo align, Drum Editing. It will sound more intense after the process.)

Song Arrangement

My service includes creating beats, instrumental recording.

For instrumental, you can give me your demo, and I will do the song arrangement and create the song just for you.

For Beat Making, you can give me the reference music you prefer.  I provide 3 beat samples at the first time. And I will customize the whole beat for you.

What My Clients Say?



Elsol. Guitarist, Japan

We were really surprised by his really fast work and overwhelming quality. He will take you to the next step and we can promise it.

We are happy to make another song with him. Thank you Shawn!

SanMoo The Bravo Band Guitarist, China  The speed of Shawn’s mixing is incredibly fast! And the communication between us was very smooth, he can totally understand what we need for our music.  Also, his mixing technique is very professional, the quality of our music levels up a lot.  It’s very happy to work with him!

The Bravo Band Guitarist, China

The speed of Shawn’s mixing is incredibly fast! And the communication between us was very smooth, he can totally understand what we need for our music.

Also, his mixing technique is very professional, the quality of our music levels up a lot.

It’s very happy to work with him!


Hip Hop Artist, France

Absolutely brilliant producer – hugely talented, responsive, professional, patient and quick to deliver mind-blowing results. Could not recommend more – it was such a pleasure working with him.


Wade Wu
Unrealistic Trailer. Guitarist, China

It’s very fun to cooperate with Shawn. He not only solved the problems that we faced during recording, but also give us the finest quality of our music in a very short period of time.

Furthermore, he also give us some creative ideas during the process of mix. And he is a very kind and patient person , very easy to communicate.

It’s a wonderful experience to have our music mixed and mastered with him!


Sangwan Kim

Monsters Dive Guitarist, South Korea

Shawn is a very cooperative person and a creative producer. I think he is top of the metal producers in Taiwan!

Purple Whale (CN)

Purple Whale producer, China

The experience of producing music with Shawn was very fun. He mixed my song very fast and efficient. He not only care about the details that I want but also combine his ideas into my music. I never thought about the process of mixing and mastering can be so exciting and expecting.

A good mixing engineer can make your song better, I highly recommend Shawn to be your pro mixer!


Hsiang-yu Kao
Theseus Guitarist, Taiwan

During the production of THESEUS’ EP together with Shawn, I felt a mixing enginner’s insistence on the quality of his works and his professional. He brought out the emotion and atmosphere of our songs. Now the audience can enjoy more of our music.


Jagul Gerardo
Guitarist, Philippine

As a guitarist myself, Shawn knows it all to deliver the depth of the riffs that I’m diggin’! Worked with him with all my heavy stuff and I will continue working with him to finish all my arts. As a metalhead, I can say that Y’all can bring your songs whatever genre it is and he will make it a masterpiece!


Big Bread
O.V.E. Guitarist, China

It’s very lucky for us to meet Shawn and let him take control of our first new EP. The process was very efficient and the sound quality was unbelievable high!

Shawn will suggest some ideas from his metal mixing experience, which always surprise us. The sound he mixed not only achieve our expectation but also very modern and powerful.

He made our EP sounds perfect, and we as a band very appreciate his hard work.

The Process About Mixing Your Songs Online


Write a message for a free discussion. Describe your project, your vision, your schedule. We always do our best to give you an offer within your budget.


Upload your multitracks on any cloud drive . Follow the tracks list we give you.


You have to pay 50 % of production fee first. Then, I will start production process. My service support credit card.


You will receive the songs by Email (in mp3 format).If you want something to revise, you can send in mix notes. Including 2 free revisions.


After your approval of the full mix you should pay the rest 50% of production fee.


As soon as the payment is received you get the download link to the full mix in high quality wav format

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