Producer / Audio Mixing and Mastering Engineer / Guitarist

Hi, I am Shawn!

I am an audio engineer based in Taiwan. In my 8-year career as an audio engineer, I have helped many new bands in Taiwan create their own sound.

In the end of 2017, I decide to expand my career for artists worldwide. Nowadays, my clients are from Taiwan, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Philippine, basically all over the world for only 2 years. It’s because I create unique and solid sound from my mix.

Mixing and Mastering music are the easiest things to screw up. I believe good production of music is like a good introduction for others. I’ve seen some bands waste money on “big studios” only because they were impressed by the gears.

I believe my passion and professions in music will make you sound different!

  • Mixing Skills 100% 100%
  • Mastering 95% 95%
  • Arrangement 90% 90%
  • Video Editing 60% 60%
  • Internet Marketing 70% 70%

My Recent Work

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